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“Three and a half years ago, I was in a car accident that left me with multiple problems from injuries. I had bulges and a herniated disc in my back. Severe neck and back pain, sciatica and numbness in my hands were constant. Sleepless nights were the norm. Many days I couldn’t drive even locally, there were numerous things I could no longer do or I had limitations. Life revolved around doctor’s visits, orthopedic, neurological, physical therapy and M.R.I.’s. After six months I added chiropractic, which did get my neck feeling better. Pain management was difficult, even though I have any years of sobriety, medications for my level of pain just weren’t an option. Muscle
Relaxants, tens unit, ice heat, wraps and rubs helped, but I needed more relief. A series of epidurals the second winter did help. Last winter my Dr. and I discussed doing it again. My insurance company said no, from there an appointment was made with a surgeon for a disc-o-gram. While waiting for my appointment, all the people I’d met the last few years in doctor’s offices that had surgery that didn’t help, went through my mind.

Since I had done so well with chiropractic for my neck, after seeing a commercial for DRX 9000, I saw this new chiropractic tool as an alternative. After a month, there were positive results and just kept getting better. Now I’m good for a solid six hours sleep no muscle relaxants, infrequent sciatic, that’s mild, numbness in my hands has stopped. I actually do have times without pain.

Last winter, at this time, more days then not I could barely walk. Now, what a
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Stephanie B.


“Just a quick note to you and your staff. Firstly, from top to bottom you and your staff have been absolutely wonderful as they are extremely professional and show great compassion for everyone. I believe this is a reflection on the interest you take in each and every patient.

When I first started treatments on the DRX 9000, I was at a point where I couldn’t walk properly and was in constant pain. Over the past 5 months, with the treatments, there has been vast improvement. Although I am not at a 100% yet, I am moving in that direction.

I would like to thank you and your staff for all the assistance you have and are giving me on this journey”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

John M.


“Dr. Zammito is a fantastic chiropractor. I had a wonderful experience when I went to see him. I would highly recommend him!”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center



“I have been coming to you almost since you have opened your practice approximately 20 years ago. You have always been able to correct any of the problems that I might have had. Over the years from my playing of sports and my various jobs, i.e. landscaping and office furniture delivery, things have gotten progressively worse. About one year ago, I had extreme pain in my lower back. I had told Dr. Zammito about this and he adjusted me. The pain had lessened, but not totally. He had suggested getting a MRI to find out more of what was going on. Upon doing this and having the results read, he had told me I had a herniated and bulging disc.

We sat down and talked about a course of action. He said there is the new technique using a machine called the DRX 9000 that actually pulls the spine to allow less pressure on the discs and allow the discs to realign themselves. By doing this there are less pressure points for the discs to touch.

I agreed to the treatment and had gone through the whole series. The treatment starts out slowly with low weight and each treatment the weight gets heavier. Even with is all that is felt is a gentle pull and pressure. Between doing the treatment and exercises my back has never felt so good.

Every once in a while I do feel a little twinge but does disappear usually within an hour. I am now able to do things I normally could not do and not have to really worry about as long as I do not do something stupid.

All I can say is I am totally happy with the results of the DRX and would not hesitate to suggest its use to anyone.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Bob M.


“When I first started taking the treatment, March 8, 2007, I was very skeptical due to the failure that I had with epidurals over the past four years. Boy was I surprised! Here it is May 8, 2007, I have no pain, I’ve been doing everything Dr. Zammito told me to do, and I can’t begin to tell everyone how happy I am with the DRX 9000. Also, I want to commend the great staff he has especially Rachel who is always so pleasant and so skilled at her job; and Judy who is also so very pleasant to deal with. As for myself, I recommend this procedure 100% and hope that it lasts a long, long time.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Edward D.


“I saw how much good your DRX 9000 treatments did for my late Mrs. Lucille Peters back problems. Thanks from Tom!”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center



I started coming to Dr. Zammito last October, 2006 for lower back pain. Prior to starting the DRX machine, I had been to back specialists. I was sent for 6 weeks of physical therapy. Sometimes that helped the pain, but it always returned. I was sent to discuss having shots to help the pain. I decided against that. I was taking natural supplements every day to help the inflammation but that just minimized the pain a bit.

When I started with the machine, I was truly a skeptic. As the weeks progressed, it didn’t appear as though I was getting any better. After many discussions and fine tuning, I started feeling better somewhere around the 30th treatment. I was able to start doing housework again. I was able to stand for longer periods of time and I really didn’t notice any pain in my back. I started walking and doing mild exercise recently and now only come to the doctor’s office for maintenance. This machine has helped me to regain my life.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Theresa L.


“When I first went to Dr. Zammito’s office I was in a lot of pain and was not able to sleep the night through (I couldn’t turn from side to side in bed). I couldn’t shower without help, or work and became depressed. The thought of having injections and possibly surgery to cut the nerves in my back, did not give me a good feeling. Since I previously had surgery on my cervical spine, I knew this was not the road I wanted to travel again.

My first visit to the office left me very hopeful but skeptical. After hearing what Dr. Zammito had to say and listening to the patients in the waiting room, I became very anxious to start. The people there were very friendly and free to give their experiences and advice. When I started the DRX 9000, I remember saying please let this help me. Well time passed and other patients seemed to surpass me in their recovery and I was becoming a little discouraged. When Dr. Zammito asked how I was feeling I told him a little discouraged, e assured me that it would all come together, one day it will just click in. Well let me tell you, he was absolutely right. One day it did, I don’t know when or how but all of a sudden it was like Oh My God, I know what he means, I feel good. I then knew I was where I should be. All the times I had been on the machine relaxed me and I actually looked forward to my visits.

I knew I was better and I could finally return to work. I am feeling good, I’m back to a “normal” life and I thank the good Doctor, his wonderful, friendly, happy staff who made all my visits so pleasant, and of course the DRX machine. I have made new friendships through my treatment, and for that I am thankful too.

I want to personally thank Dr. Zammito, Judy, Rachel, Nancy, Julia and Janice for their smiling faces, and for making me look forward to all of my visits. May God Bless all of you.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Dee G.


“Dr. Z, you and your dedicated and caring staff have helped me tremendously with my back, neck and neuropathy issues, as well as helping me lose a significant amount of weight. The difference in how I felt when I first came to you and how I feel now is absolutely unbelievable. I feel years younger and am able to do things that I thought I would never be able to do again.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center



“When I first came into Dr. Zammito’s office with my husband, Dan, all I could think of was, I hope he can help!! Well needless to say, after many years of back trouble, he did that and more!!

So when I came to Dr. Z. for myself, I felt very confident and of course was hoping too, that I would be a candidate for the DRX 9000. I could not walk. I was with a walker at home and I was in a great deal of pain. I couldn’t even walk up the ramp in the office.
When it was time for me to go onto the DRX machine, I couldn’t. All I could think of was, he helped my husband, he’ll help me. Thank God, he did and so did the DRX. As time has passed and my treatments have slowly come to an end, I feel great!
I’m able to go back to walking and exercise.

All the girls Judy, Janice, Carol and Julia are all nice and very professional.
Always smiling!

Thanks to all of you and especially Dr. Zammito.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Lillian C.


We’d Love Your Feedback…
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