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I started coming to Dr. Zammito last October, 2006 for lower back pain. Prior to starting the DRX machine, I had been to back specialists. I was sent for 6 weeks of physical therapy. Sometimes that helped the pain, but it always returned. I was sent to discuss having shots to help the pain. I decided against that. I was taking natural supplements every day to help the inflammation but that just minimized the pain a bit.

When I started with the machine, I was truly a skeptic. As the weeks progressed, it didn’t appear as though I was getting any better. After many discussions and fine tuning, I started feeling better somewhere around the 30th treatment. I was able to start doing housework again. I was able to stand for longer periods of time and I really didn’t notice any pain in my back. I started walking and doing mild exercise recently and now only come to the doctor’s office for maintenance. This machine has helped me to regain my life.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Theresa L.


“When I first came into Dr. Zammito’s office with my husband, Dan, all I could think of was, I hope he can help!! Well needless to say, after many years of back trouble, he did that and more!!

So when I came to Dr. Z. for myself, I felt very confident and of course was hoping too, that I would be a candidate for the DRX 9000. I could not walk. I was with a walker at home and I was in a great deal of pain. I couldn’t even walk up the ramp in the office.
When it was time for me to go onto the DRX machine, I couldn’t. All I could think of was, he helped my husband, he’ll help me. Thank God, he did and so did the DRX. As time has passed and my treatments have slowly come to an end, I feel great!
I’m able to go back to walking and exercise.

All the girls Judy, Janice, Carol and Julia are all nice and very professional.
Always smiling!

Thanks to all of you and especially Dr. Zammito.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Lillian C.


“Before the DRX treatments I suffered with severe lower back pain from spinal stenosis. I went to a Spine and Pain Management Doctor for help. I had several epidural shots with no long term relief. My walking was getting worse. One day my wife read an article in the Asbury Park Press, “New Treatment brings relief for Lower Back Pain sufferers”. She checked the website and was very impressed with the reports. We made an appointment with Dr. Zammito for a consultation to review my MRI and the final results reflected I was a good candidate for the DRX 9000. So we started my routine treatments immediately. After just a few treatments I could feel results. I continued and unfortunately I had a fall backwards on concrete and had to be hospitalized for awhile. Once I was given the okay to return to Dr. Zammito my treatments resumed where I left off and there were no noticeable changes to my overall improvement from before the fall.

Everyone I hadn’t seen for a few months, were so surprised how straight my back was and my walking has improved greatly with no discomfort.

Thanks to Dr. Z and his staff for giving me a new lease on life with no back discomfort.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

George A.


“The DRX & Dr Zammito have been a life changing experience for me. I can’t imagine how my life would have been if I had to continue to live with the pain & discomfort that I was experiencing every minute of everyday . Praise GOD for Dr Z & that machine who together have given me a new lease for a happy pain free life.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center



“In 1955 while I was in the Navy, I had a bad car accident. At that time, it did not bother me. Seven years later I could not stand up from the pain in my back. I went to have my first chiropractic treatment. After four weeks, I felt fine.

Nine years later I had another bout with disc problems. Again, I went to have another chiropractic treatment. After 32 years, my back was in a great deal of pain, but this time I did not bounce back.

I saw Dr. Zammito’s DRX 9000 advertisement in the paper. I knew I had to try this! After my 10th treatment, I went from a “10” in pain, to a “2 1/2”! I am in my 15th treatment and I have a few more treatments to go, which I know I will be completely PAIN FREE!

Thank you Dr. Zammito and your DRX 9000 Machine!”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Dan C.


“Three and a half years ago, I was in a car accident that left me with multiple problems from injuries. I had bulges and a herniated disc in my back. Severe neck and back pain, sciatica and numbness in my hands were constant. Sleepless nights were the norm. Many days I couldn’t drive even locally, there were numerous things I could no longer do or I had limitations. Life revolved around doctor’s visits, orthopedic, neurological, physical therapy and M.R.I.’s. After six months I added chiropractic, which did get my neck feeling better. Pain management was difficult, even though I have any years of sobriety, medications for my level of pain just weren’t an option. Muscle
Relaxants, tens unit, ice heat, wraps and rubs helped, but I needed more relief. A series of epidurals the second winter did help. Last winter my Dr. and I discussed doing it again. My insurance company said no, from there an appointment was made with a surgeon for a disc-o-gram. While waiting for my appointment, all the people I’d met the last few years in doctor’s offices that had surgery that didn’t help, went through my mind.

Since I had done so well with chiropractic for my neck, after seeing a commercial for DRX 9000, I saw this new chiropractic tool as an alternative. After a month, there were positive results and just kept getting better. Now I’m good for a solid six hours sleep no muscle relaxants, infrequent sciatic, that’s mild, numbness in my hands has stopped. I actually do have times without pain.

Last winter, at this time, more days then not I could barely walk. Now, what a
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Stephanie B.


“After thirty years of suffering from the pain of sciatica and getting to the point of having great trouble walking, I certainly didn’t think any cure was out there for me. Especially after having seen many different specialists and having treatments such as pain management, water therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, two epidurals, cortisone shots, a nerve block surgically performed and a custom made brace prescribed for me in the 1980’s to help numb the pain.

There were times when I obtained relief but it was always temporary and disappointing. The only thing that kept me going was a positive attitude, many prayers to God for an answer and the fact that I believe in miracles. “Voila” the miracle in the form of Dr. Zammito who after reading the results of my MRI, told me I was a candidate for the DRX 9000 machine. After scheduled visits on the machine the sciatica has disappeared.

Many thanks Dr. for accepting me as a patient and changing my life. I will always be grateful to you. God Bless you and your work.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Joan H.


After unexpectedly blowing four disks in my lower lumbar spine, I tried everything from surgical consultations and pain management specialists to six months of physical therapy. I would leave each session in worse shape then when I started. Then, I saw an ad for Dr. Zammito and everything changed. The DRX machine and the doctor helped me walk again without pain. Dr. Z took the time to help and he really cares about all of his patients. Well recommended!


Jason Allentoff


“Dr Z gave me my life back!! I have previously referred friend to Dr Z”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center



“Approximately 13 years have passed since I had back surgery for injuries that fractured L4, L5, and S1. You can imagine my dismay when in July I experienced a return of the pain. For two weeks I stayed in bed using ice packs and a heating pad, hopelessly attempting relief. A simple rollover in bed brought tears to my eyes. I dreaded a trip to the bathroom. Being someone who avoids feeling sorry for myself, I sought ways to improve my situation. After some research on the internet, I learned about a relatively new treatment called the DRX 9000. I was relieved to find that this treatment was available through Jersey Shore Low Back Pain Center and, what made it even better, it was close to home. A CT scan showed herniation in the same disks as were operated on in addition to stenosis. I was happy to find out that I was indeed a candidate for the DRX 9000.

After the first six treatments, I felt considerable relief (enough so that I could rollover without excruciating pain). I am now “rounding third”, as Dr. Zammito would put it, and am proceeding with the maintenance phase of my program. My significant improvement is a direct result of the treatment I received, and I am looking forward to resuming some of my more physically challenging activities.”

Jersey Shore Low Back Pain & Relief Center

Janis V.


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