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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation in Forked River, NJ

Sports Chiropractor in Forked River NJ: Activities can exert a tremendous amount of stress on the spinal column and joints. Chiropractic Sports Physician Dr. Kenneth Zammito works with amateur through professional athletes in Ocean County and from the surrounding areas for optimal health to prevent injury. Unfortunately injuries occur, but with chiropractic for sports injuries, clients regain strength and avoid chronic issues.

A sports injury such as a sprained ankle or sore back can result from poor technique or lead to poor technique when an individual athlete overcompensates for an injury favoring one side of his or her body or one position. Sports injuries also lead to secondary pains and problems. Dr. Zammito treats not just the specific location of pain but the areas radiating out from it as well.

Sports Rehabilitation Therapies

Our facility provides a wide range of non-invasive therapy options for sports injury recovery. Dependent upon the nature and severity of your injury, Dr. Zammito may recommend one or more of our advanced therapy methods which include but are not limited to:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Whole Body Vibration Plate Therapy
  • Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise
  • Spinal Decompression
“I have been coming to you almost since you have opened your practice approximately 20 years ago. You have always been able to correct any of the problems that I might have had. Over the years from my playing of sports and my various jobs, i.e. landscaping and office furniture delivery, things have gotten progressively worse. About one year ago, I had extreme pain in my lower back. I had told Dr. Zammito about this and he adjusted me. The pain had lessened, but not totally. He had suggested getting a MRI to find out more of what was going on. Upon doing this and having the results read, he had told me I had a herniated and bulging disc. We sat down and talked about a course of action. He said there is the new technique using a machine called the DRX 9000 that actually pulls the spine to allow less pressure on the discs and allow the discs to realign themselves. By doing this there are less pressure points for the discs to touch. I agreed to the treatment and had gone through the whole series. The treatment starts out slowly with low weight and each treatment the weight gets heavier. Even with is all that is felt is a gentle pull and pressure. Between doing the treatment and exercises my back has never felt so good. Every once in a while I do feel a little twinge but does disappear usually within an hour. I am now able to do things I normally could not do and not have to really worry about as long as I do not do something stupid. All I can say is I am totally happy with the results of the DRX and would not hesitate to suggest its use to anyone.”
Bob M.Patient

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