Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise in Lacey Township NJ

Chiropractic Lacey Township NJ Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise

At Jersey Shore Low Back & Pain Relief Center, Lacey Township NJ Chiropractor Dr. Kenneth Zammito utilizes Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise with the MG-33 advanced technology for bioenergetic health and wellness.

What is Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise in Lacey Township NJ?

This non-invasive therapy involves laying professional-caliber cables over the target area of the body determined by the doctor. No electricity touches the body as pulsed magnetic cellular exercise passes through living tissue and creates bio-available energy to revive fully functioning cell metabolism. This supports the body’s ability to restore and rejuvenate.

How Can Your Cells be Exercised to Health?

Repetitive, high-intensity, ultra-brief pulsing electromagnetic fields safely traverse deeply through living tissue. Cellular energy is revived with the pulse, stimulating endogenous ionic current, and precipitating the cascade of natural intra-cellular events that are the foundation of well-being.

The Power of the Pulse

Unlike direct electric stimulation, these powerful, ultrashort electromagnetic pulses have the ability to safely pass right through living tissue, and indirectly provide bio-available energy that triggers a cascade of events at the cellular level. Where there is evidence of stress, pain, inflammation, injury, or swelling, pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is the missing component – an outside source of energy that delivers a boost to dynamic cellular metabolism

Widely used in mainstream health fields in other parts of the world for decades, pulsed magnetic cellular exercise is, at last, receiving the recognition it deserves in the states and has been embraced by many athletes in the recovery of injury and in boosting performance.

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